Tourist Attractions In Mali, Africa

Mali or officially the Republic of Mali is a West African country, which got its name from the Mali Empire, which was once situated at this place. As Mali is situated at the middle portion of the western part of Africa, it does not come in contact with the Pacific Ocean, so this country is totally landlocked.

It shares its boundaries with Niger on the east, Senegal and Mauritania on the west, Burkina Faso and Cote d’lvoire on the south and Algeria on the north. This country is amongst the poorest of the countries in the world, but it was once the home to the Mali Empire, which had vast treasures of gold, salt and uranium.

Mali is a country, which is not suitable for family vacations, although the long and endless dust laden roads rising to flat top hills at far is a sight worth watching. Mali has many tourist attractions and visitors love them when they come here. And here is a list of the various tourist attractions in Mali.

Dogon Country

Dogon Country

Dogon country is situated in the central part of southern Mali. People who stay here are known as Dogon people, and they are very famous for their architectural skills, mask dance, wooden sculptures and mythology. Around 700 villages are there in Dogon country, which are home to 800,000 Dogon people. This place is a must see in Mali.

Tourists mainly come here to watch the colorful mask dancers, and to experience the culture of the Dogon people, but the geography of this region is also mesmerizing. One of the most notable features of the geography of this place is Bandiagara Escarpment, which is a perfect place for hiking.

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Apart from that, tourists also love to see the vibrant and colorful mask dances. Each dance depicts a different story and each one is repeated only after a few days. Dogon country is one of the best places, which is worth watching in Mali.

Djingareiber Mosque (The Great Mosque of Djenne)

Djingareiber Mosque

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The great mosque of Djenne is one of the most unique types of mosques. This mosque is situated in Djenne, Mali. The great mosque of Djenne was built by Sultan Kunburu, and later it was further developed by his successor. The most unique thing about this mosque is that, the entire mosque is built of mud bricks and it is built in Sahelian architectural style and the style is very unique. It is not like any other common mosque. This mosque is one of the major attractions in Mali, and was included by UNESCO in the list of World Heritage Sites in 1998.

Timbuktu City

Timbuktu City

Timbuktu city is the spiritual capital of Africa and is located in the Tombouctou region of Mali. This city has many modern features, but its remote and deserted nature is more attractive to visitors. Timbuktu city is very important in terms of its history.

This place is the first in the world to have its own university, known as Sankore University. Apart from this, Timbuktu city is also the home to three very important mosques, Sankore, Sidi Yahya and Djingareyber mosque. This city is one of the most important tourist attraction places in Mali, and UNESCO has added this city to the World Heritage Sites list.

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