Tourist Attractions In Singapore

Singapore is an epitome of spotless cleanliness and it’s law abiding citizens. 54 small islands together form this beautiful country. One can notice perfect union of various cultures here, but majority of population comprises of immigrants from China, Malaysia and India.

The most favorable factor that attract the tourists here throughout the year is it’s climate, but the best time to visit Singapore is during the festive season from December- February. Though total area of Singapore is just 570, yet one requires sufficient time  to explore the splendor of this paradise. Commuting is not a hassle because of rail transit system and taxi services. Here is a list of places that should not miss anybody’s itinerary while exploring Singapore.

Singapore City

Sightseeing  can be started by visiting the Singapore city. Orchard road is the epicenter of shopping malls. To name a few, there are shopping gallery at Hilton, Panagon, Orchard towers, Renaissance, Lucky Plaza. Another place that must be visited is Little India.

Singapore City

This place has numerous choices of Indian food eateries and yes, it is a good place for shopping also. Mustafa mall in Little India is a one stop destination to shop and that too at reasonable rates.

China Town

China Town

One must go on an errand to China Town to shop for attractive and reasonable goodies for relatives and friends.

Jurong Bird Park

On visiting Singapore if one doesn’t sees Jurong Bird Sanctuary then his travel is incomplete. Jurong Bird Sanctuary is the largest sanctuary in South-east Asia.

Jurong Bird Park

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It has more than 3000 species of birds including some endangered species. Inside the park there’s one more attraction ie. Manmade highest waterfall about 30m in height.

Singapore Zoo and Night Safari

Singapore zoo is considered one of the best in the world. It is based on open zoo concept, with no compromise with animal’s freedom and privacy.

Singapore Zoo

Night safari in Singapore is another unforgetful experience for the tourists. Seeing the animals in their habitat in the darkness of night amidst the vastness of the jungle is a totally gripping experience.

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Asian civilization museum, Singapore art museum and History museum are worth seeing. Due to its architectural splendor, Singapore art museum has been recognized as Singapore’s national monument. Under water world : For beach lovers Siloso beach, Sentosa, palawan and Tanjong beaches are happening spots with dance festivals, rocking pub parties and adventurous water sports. One must visit Sentosa beach to see underwater world.

Singapore art museum

The tourists move along a transparent tunnel, made under water and see marine life in all its splendor. If one is lucky enough then he can catch a glimpse of sharks and whales too. After this breath taking experience , enjoy the light and music fountain show  in the fantasy world in Sentosa beach itself. Also don’t forget to click pictures of famous Merlin tower of Singapore  located in Sentosa beach  to refresh your memories of Singapore tour.

Star Cruise

Star Cruise

If money and time are no constraints then go for a star cruise from Singapore to  Malaysia. It would be one lifetime experience for you.