Travel To HongKong City, One Of The Most Happening Place On Earth

Hong Kong, an autonomous city in sovereign China is one of the best places on earth which attracts tremendous crowd every year. It is prettily situated on the south coast of China encircled by Pearl River delta and natural harbor of South China Sea. The name “Hong Kong” means natural harbor which consists of Hong Kong island, Kowloon peninsula and new territories (about 200 small outlying islands).

This huge city is famous for its extravagant skyline and equally vibrant life style. Because of its affluent population and growing international importance, Hong Kong is labeled as the “World city” of Asia. This fantastic city is packed with world class hotels, restaurants and sizzling night hubs. Hong Kong as a truly world class travel destination is packed with a lot of natural splendor and historical attractions, beside its uber cool city life.

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Some of the best places in Hong Kong city are Victoria Harbor and Victoria  peak, Disneyland, Ocean Park and water world, Lantau Island, Ten thousand Buddha’s monastery etc. Except these beautiful places, Hong Kong is truly a shopper’s paradise which has a large number of shopping malls and outlets to buy designer outfits and luxurious merchandises at attractive price. One can also opt local night and flea markets which sell everything from colorful silk garments to fresh sea food at an unbelievably low price.

Victoria harbor and Victoria peak

This is one of the deepest natural maritime zones of the world. This scenic harbor is encircled by the tall sky scrapers and Victoria peak on one side and Tsim Sha Tsui shoreline on the other. Being a busy economical zone, Victoria harbor is always packed with ferries, speed boats and cargos. The clusters of elevated buildings on the shoreline create magical hues on turquoise blue water. The beauty of the harbor can be best admired from the Victoria peak and from the Avenue of stars on Tsim Sha Tsui promenade.

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Another best way to get a glimpse of this wonderful harbor is by going on Star ferry trip especially after the dawn, when one can witness the colorful musical extravaganza called Symphony of light from the ferry deck itself. It is a spectacular multimedia show featuring magical harmonization of colored laser beams and music from the top of forty odd tall towers around the harbor. This is world’s one and only permanent light and sound show which is a must watch in Hong Kong city.

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Victoria peak also known as Mount Austin is the highest peak (552m) in Hong Kong Island. This is the best place to watch paramount view of the city skyscrapers and Victoria harbor. The grandiose vistas of the city particularly during night can be best admired from the Lion pavilion of the peak. The most convenient way to reach the scenic peak is by taking tram ride. Once on the top, one can have a great time at the peak tower which houses Madame Tussauds wax museum, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! odditorium and the Peak explorer motion simulator. Besides that there are numbers of shimmering shops for leisurely shopping experience along with signature restaurants to enjoy sumptuous food.

Disneyland, Hong Kong

This is one of the vivacious theme parks in Asia located on the Lantau Island of Hong Kong. It has four major core areas called Main Street, U.S.A., Adventureland, Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. Like other Disney theme parks around the world it has the sleeping beauty castle and many more fairy tale activities to make the trip thoroughly enjoyable. It has two Disney theme hotels in the vicinity where one can experience the fun of having life size Disney characters all around, be it near the buffet table or near the splash pool.

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Its different set of entertainment activities can be equally enthralling for small kids and adults. While small children can have fun by watching eye popping 3D shows, taking snap or watching a live performance of their favorite Disney characters along with enjoying numerous rides. Adults can have a memorable time by having fun at craziest rides such as buzz lightyear astro blasters, Space Mountain, boat ride at “it’s a small world” or simply roaming around the fantasy garden.

Ocean Park and water world

Hong Kong Ocean Park is in its southern district. It is a combination of marine mammal park cum animal theme park with loads of amusement activities. The entire area is broadly alienated into two parts, the waterfront or lowland and summit or headland which is connected by cable car and inclined railway system. The waterfront has the main attraction of the ocean park i.e. The Grand aquarium.

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It is a four story aquarium which displays around 400 species of fishes including some endangered ones. It is a nice place to watch sea creatures’ trough huge viewing panels. Other than marine creatures one can see giant Panda, Koala, Penguin in their recreated habitat along with live performance by Dolphins and sea lions. The theme park also accommodates around 19 fun rides and a number of delicious food joints.

Lantau Island

It is the biggest and one of the most scenic Islands in entire territory of Hong Kong. Some of the best places to go in this Island are Ngong Ping 360, Giant Buddha statue, Po Lin Monastery and its pristine beaches. The convenient way to see this scenic islet is through its famous cable car ride. It covers a distance of 5.7 kilometers to reach Po Lin Monastery.

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This ride is worthy enough to witness the panoramic view of this virgin landscape along with the beauty of South China Sea. Tourists would also love to hike on the Phoenix Mountain which is the second highest peak in Hong Kong to admire its beautiful sunrise and sunset scenes.

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Historic Po Lin Monastery is a true epitome of Buddhist culture is famous for its splendid architecture amid pristine natural scenery. Giant Buddha statue is a unique landmark of Lantau island, where the 34 meter tall gigantic statue of Lord Buddha sitting in a serene position  on top of Ngong Ping plateau.

Ten thousand Buddha’s monastery

This is a beautiful Buddhist temple in Pai Tau village, Sha Tin in the new territory of Hong Kong. This monastery is famous for its ten thousand Buddha statues in different postures.

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Visitors have to climb 400 steps uphill to reach the main temple. Each step has 32 statues of Buddha standing aside. The main temple also contains 13,000 miniature Buddhas along with a 9 story pagoda towards the southern end.