Travel Trip To Malaysia

Malaysia is a beautiful country situated in south east Asia which shares its border with Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore etc. Malaysia is fit to visit any time of the year because of its various festivals and celebrations.

But the best time to visit Malaysia is from May to September. The rest of the months witness heavy rainfall which might restrict you from enjoying the beaches and water sports around here.

The best part about visiting Malaysia is that you will witness a blend of all Asian cultures here. A trip to Malaysia is ideal as you can do whatever you wish to here.You can enjoy the city’s night life, walk with your loved one on the serine beaches, shop till you are exhausted, or simply be a part of all the festivals and various cultures.

Kuala Lumpur being the capital city of Malaysia is very happening and you can see all types of cultures here. Do visit the Petronas twin tower which is one of the tallest towers and an architectural marvel. Also visit the various mosques, temples and other landmarks during your stay in Kuala Lumpur.

Also make sure that you visit the various national parks and wild life forests in Malaysia.You will find a number of endangered and strange species in these national parks. In the night explore the various night clubs and bars.You will find all kinds of clubs and you would not have a problem finding one fit for your budget.

If you are done visiting the cities and want to get away for some peace then venture into places like Penang, Langkawi etc. You are sure to get lost in the exotic blue water beaches in these places.

The white sands and the endless sea will enchant you making you never wanna go back. If you are looking for some adventure then you can indulge in various water sports like scuba diving, water scooters etc. Do not forget to shop before you leave Malaysia.You will find huge malls and street side shops also.

So based on your budget you can choose your shopping destination. Malaysia will surely offer you a little bit of everything and you are sure to leave this place happy and satisfied.