Trip to Antigua Island

Antigua, an even levelled and the largest Island member of the Commonwealth is 17 degree north of equator and is positioned in the Lesser Antilles in the eastern Caribbean including the islands of Antigua, Barbuda, and Redonda.Redonda is the tiniest island still not developed, but has the status of state park. The nation is sandwiched between the Caribbean Sea and the northern Atlantic Ocean.  Antigua is towards east-south west of Puerto Rico. The dwarf like limestone terrain is contrasted by volcanic region and groups of coral regions.

Antigua capital, St John is situated North West of the island close to the airport. Its wide lengthy port, parks many cruise ships. Tourists here can visit Shirley Heights a depilated fort, Betty’s Hope to see sugar plantations and allied museum on premises, Redcliffe Quay, Hell’s Gate and the botanical gardens. Nation is composed of Negroes, and mulattoes.

Seasonal temperature varies slightly throughout the year. Due to cooling trade winds Antigua Sailing Week and Antigua Classic Yacht Charter week is organized annually and people from all over the world pour in during this period. The months of July till October are dicey as inevitable hurricanes and storms hit the island. Some parts experience frequent droughts as well. A volcanic eruption in 1995 at Montserrt compelled natives to flee to Antigua and Barbuda.

The chief crops of this agricultural country are sugar cane and cotton. Fishing and tourism are important sources of revenue. The island became independent only in 1981 from British rule. Almost 500 thousand tourists visit this place annually.

The south westerly edge houses Boggy Peak is the zenith at 1319 ft. The curved shoreline of the nation has created natural harbours and 365 beaches all are open to public. Here diving and sailing is a very popular water sports. Carlisle beach at south coast has different variety of fishes, pure blue water fine granular sand.

South west coast Crab Hill Beach is good for getting a good tan. South West Dark-wood Beach finds tourists snorkeling, swimming in calm waters and in general relaxing in the gentle breeze. North West Fort Bay Beach is popular for volleyball game, cricket and cruise ship.

All types of water sports including wild water sports yachting, sailing and snorkeling are conducted here. It is also the venue of world sailing competition. Cruise Ship Dock is the main point from where tourist can go for voyage in Caribbean waters. The new water bound adventure for non-divers is underground trip to appreciate marine life. The trip begins at Carlisle Bay and ends at Cades reef. Wildlife Park at Stingray City has amazing creatures living peacefully in their natural habitat. Nature enthusiast will fall in love with the place.