Trip To Malta

Malta is not your run-of-the-mill tourist spot to explore. But if you have a keen interest in history and ancient cities, then book a ticket to Malta.

Malta is archipelago located centrally in the Mediterranean sea and near to Sicily, Tunisia, Strait of Gibraltar and Alexandria. Maltese island is the world’s smallest country and also most densely populated.

For a history lover, Malta is like an open museum. There are totally nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Malta, which should give you an idea about the place. One of the must-see places in Malta would be the Megalithic Temples.

Located in the island of Gozo, these megalithic structures are dated back to 5000 BC! Built by an unknown culture, these temples are huge and gigantic. Local legends say that a colony of giants built these temples. And you might be tempted to believe it, if you look at these huge gigantic structures.

The following temples have been declared as UNESCO Heritage sites – Ggantija Temples, Ta’ Hagrat Temples, Skorba Temples, Hagar Qim Temples, Mnajdra Temples and Tarxien Temples.

Valletta is the capital city of Malta and is also a UNESCO heritage city. Popular tourist spots in this city would be, St John’s Co-Cathedral, Auberge de Castille et Leon, Magisterial Palace, National Museum of Fine Arts, Our Lady of Victories Church and Collegiate Parish Church of St Paul’s Shipwreck.

The knights of Malta built St John’s Co-Cathedral in 1573 – 1578. This cathedral, houses the famous painting ‘The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist’ and it is the only painting in existence that is signed by Caravaggio. Auberge de Castille et Leon was the official seat of the Knights of Malta and now it is used as the Prime Minister’s office.

Collegiate Parish Church of St Paul’s Shipwreck is also more popular among Catholic tourists. According to legends, St. Paul’s ship got shipwrecked at Malta on his way from Crete to Rome to face his trial. And St. Paul spent three months in Malta curing the sick and preaching Christianity. The church also houses holy relics belonging to apostle Paul, his right wrist bone and a part of the column on which he was beheaded in Rome.

The Hypogeum of Paola, is another popular tourist spot that you must visit in Malta. The Hypogeum, is the only prehistoric underground temple in existence today. If you wish to visit this site, you will have to book well in advance since Heritage Malta does not allow more than 80 visitors in one day.

The Maltese island in the more recent years has become popular for their film sites. Many hollywood blockbuster films such as, Gladiator, U-571, The Count of Monte Cristo, Troy and Munich have been shot in these beautiful islands.

The nightlife in Malta is as exciting as it can ever be. There are many clubs where many international DJs perform as guests during the weekend. And in July, Malta hosts the international Jazz Festival which is a spectacular event, where legends of Jazz can be seen performing with newcomers.

Sumeetha Manikandan