Trip to United Arab Emirates, A Union Of Seven Sheikhdoms

It is a Federation of seven self-ruled sheik-ruled emirates namely Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Umm al Qaiwain, Fujairah and Ras al Khaimah. The seven emirs form the Supreme Council; one emir serves as President. This formation took place in 1971. Earlier British reined the area under the name Trucial Oman.

It is located in the eastern section of the Arabian Peninsula on the south coast of the Persian Gulf; land borders with Qatar towards the north, west-south Saudi Arabia and easterly Oman. Nation is made up of Arabs who follow Islam. Official language is Arabic. The 90% of the land is unfertile and sandy.

The capital is Abu Dhabi. Here time flies as you go around the city to see Grand Mosque,  Liwa Oasis, Heritage Village, Cultural foundation, White Fort, Old Souk, and green city of Emirates the Al Ain. Other major cities are Dubai, and Sharjah.

Climate is hot and dry.  Most people in the U.A.E. live on the coastal plain or in a few oases in the interior. There is some farming on irrigated land, and fishing and pearl diving are also important activities. But, the economy is based on oil and natural gas.

The tourism is a flourishing industry here. The factors contributing to it are the improved infrastructure, the receptive culture, secure surroundings, global standard hotel accommodation, and tolerable climate. Holiday makers and business visitors make it their destination.

There is shopping, places of interest, and lots of leisure activities. Tourists of every taste find an avenue of interest in the archaeological locations, historical remains, well chronological museums, imposing mosques, manmade islands, natural sun dunes adventure, lazy beaches, and parks with a theme. All this comes within the seven destinations within it.

At Dubai, Deira Gold Souk is a major attraction for most visitors. Then there is Dubai Creek, Palm Island, Burj Al Arab Hotel, Museum, Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum, heritage Village, and just 3-4 hours drive will take to Hatta Village for a day’s outing. Sharjah is a city of museums, but most people associate the place with cricket.

King Faisal Mosque is very revered here. Desert Park and Blue Souk are interesting places to see and shop. The heritage town Ras Al Khaimah has Al dhayah Fort, Nader shah Watch tower, Old Souk and a museum. Visit this cosmopolitan nation in Middle East with the luxury setting transported from the west.