Universal Studios, Los Angeles

Los Angeles is well known for its studios, theme parks and entertainment avenues. It is the ultimate destination for all movie buffs. A trip to Universal Studios Hollywood is a treat for those who love to know about the schematics behind movie making business and watch live sets of some of their favorite movies.

The studio back lot tour, stunt shows and rides are the special attractions for the tourists where they can watch in amazement as a car is engulfed in flames and then come out unscathed or the wreck of the plane of ‘War of the Worlds’.

The Universal Studios is divided into Upper lot, Lower Lot and the Citywalk area. The Upper Lot includes a tour through the studio where the tourists can catch a glimpse of the wrecked sets of ‘War of the Worlds’ or see the 3D ‘King Kong’ or else get a sneak peek into the bungalows and mansions of actors and actresses.

This tour takes approximately 45 minutes. Other attractions of Universal Studios include Simpson’s virtual ride, Terminator in 3D, etc. A map of the Studios has been displayed on the entrance to help the tourist find the locations of their interest.

The Lower Lot houses restaurants and entertainment avenues like rides. The 3D roller coaster ride through the ‘Jurassic park’ jungle and the ‘revenge of the Mummy’ is a thrilling experience for the tourists.

Restaurants and eating joints can be found in the Upper Lot, Lower lot and Citywalk. But the number of vegetarian outlets is limited. The eating joint named Panda Express serves yummy fried rice along with meat. Vegetarians can order meals that do not contain meat. Nonetheless the chances of getting really good food are low. In the recent years, several new attractions have been added to the Universal Studios.

Tourists can book their tickets in advance to avoid last minute hassles. Passes can be booked online for the studios along with the theme park. Tourists should carry a jacket or some woolen clothes if they plan to visit the studios in winters. Universal Studios Hollywood is a perfect getaway destination to enjoy with your family and friends.