Visit to Amorgos Island

Amorgos is a striking island by means of white houses, see-through water in addition to a peaceful ambiance; it is by no means twist of fate that Luc Besson decided to shoot the initial part of his film “The Big Blue” at this juncture. On one occasion barely visited through the infrequent backpacker, Amorgos has at the present turn out to be moderately a “trendy” island from the time, the film was been released, in addition to it is by no means any surprise that tourists will come across added French holidaymakers at this juncture than normal.

It is known to be one of the few easternmost islands of Cyclades, positioned southeastern region of Naxos, as well as northeastern of Ios as well as northern region of Anafi. In addition the coastline here is almost 112 kms in length. Amorgos is by and large precipitous, rocky as well as rough, by means of extremely few residents along with high hills as well as mountains, in addition the highest being Mt Krikello (attitude 826 m) as well as Mt Saint Elias (attitude 648 m).

The snorkeling destinations in Amorgos are enormous in particular at Mourou, however in addition at Agia Anna. In addition the tourists can also take pleasure in extensive walks all the way through the ruthless, however remarkable nature. Numerous people are fond of fishing at this juncture, as well as there is a variety of donkey rides that are being offered.

Amorgos island by no means have any sort of great beaches, as a result a lot of tourists have a preference of taking the small boats up to the petite island Nicouria. Proviso you wish for staying on Amorgos, accommodation is quite nice in Egiali beach, which can dig up extremely busy. You can in addition drive in the region in your personal vehicle as well as come across out-of-the-way cliffs where the sea waters are exceptional used for snorkeling.

Amorgos Nightlife is quite boring. If your most important interest is simply partying in that case this is without doubt not the place for you. There are numerous bars and discos, similar to someplace else in Greece.

Shopping is one of the major activities in Chora, here you will come across both the souvenir shops as well all those normally Greek art shops by means of a variety of jewellery, marble figurines, and handmade ceramics.