Visit to Brunei, Land of Untouched Forest

Brunei in south East Asia is situated in north-west shore of island Borneo; Brunei is bordered by the Malaysian state of Sarawak by 381 km and the southerly China Sea with 161 km coast line. Natives are Malays, Chinese, Dayaks, and others. Malay, Chinese and English are the languages in use for daily living. Islam, Buddhism and Christianity are the faith of the people in religion.

Bandar Seri Begawan is the capital; Seria and Kuala Belait are the bigger cities here. 1958 constructed the Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque stands on an artificial lagoon. The interiors are very tastefully done. The tilt village or the Water village or Kampong Ayer is visible from here.

It can be reached through a boat or floating platform. Tomb of 5th century Sultan Bolkiah is also sighted from this point. Other interesting sites here are the Malay Technology Museum and the Traditional Museum, and the Sultan Palace.

There are a few villages in the vicinity of the capital. They have the honour to be called the largest habitats globally. The tourist can roam the place through the walkways. Nearby are the Jerudong theme Park and a beach. Muara and Serasa beach are within reach from here. Recreational activities include water sports and boating excursion.

Mangrove Island, the Palau Seirong is visited by most visitors. It has abundant of wildlife. A picnic spot near the capital is the biggest lake Tasek Merimbun. Aviary watching and exploring the place through well laid out trails is enjoyable.

Tourists take river safari excursions to see the longhouses. This is a village under one ceiling. Climate is annually wet tropical. The two months at the end of the year are the monsoon months.

Easterly mountains taper into evenly coastal region. Lowland with hillocks exists towards the west. Bukit Pagon at 1850m is the highest point of the nation. Rain forests containing valuable hardwoods cover the interior of Brunei, mangrove and swamps abound in close proximity to beaches. The nation became an independent constitutional Sultanate on December 1983 after being a British colony since 1888.

Be at the beaches like Kuala Belait, Lumut, Meragang or Crocodile Beach, or at the untouched jungles like Ula Temburong National Park with variety of wildlife, climb the tree houses, walk through the suspended bridges and feel like Tarzan, see the trees from the top through canopy walkways, and wonder why you missed the nature pleasure all these years!