Visit to Canberra

Canberra…the beautiful city is the nerve center of Australia and the only major inland city. The rich history, culture, the scintillating landscape, the sapphire blue waters and the beaches of the South coast, the serene tranquility of the Southern highlands and the alpine snowy mountain peaks makes this city a traveler’s paradise.

Canberra not only boast scenic beauties, but is also a seat for excellent arts and also having few of the world’s best wineries and of course great delicacies in a wide range of stylish restaurants, bars, and cafes. This city is always full of life and vibrant and hosts a number of colorful events, festivals, and exhibitions throughout the year.

Canberra’s well-planned layout can be seen from helicopters and hot air balloons. You may even choose a boat trip down the Lake Burley. However, buses and cars are also there. Let me mention a few of the must see places of attraction and interest.

The Canberra Deep Space Communications complex – You can see a piece of rock from the moon and learn all about NASA. Make sure you do not miss a look around the Canberra Space center. The Canberra natural park consisting of 27 separate native bush lands is another major attraction.

Canberra theatre center presents the finest array of performing arts and entertainment from Australia and other parts of the world. Casurina sands along the river Murrumbidgee is a great place for picnics. Gibraltar falls and its mesmerizing beauty is another must see.

The most exciting thing about this city is that every single month of the year brings unexpected delights here. The Canberra festival, National folk festival, the famous October fest, Canberra National Multicultural Festival are a few among the array of events.

Opportunities of adventure sports and recreations are in plenty in Canberra. Water sports lovers can go sailing sail boarding, kayaking, or paddle boating in the vast expanse of Canberra waterways. Adventure racing, mountain biking, horse riding, para gliding, are also on offer.

For shopping enthusiasts, everything from luxury boutiques, malls and departmental stores to local, street-side markets are available. When you are tired of shopping, the various spas and massage centers can make you feel refreshed.

The nightlife is vibrant with discotheques, clubs, and bars offering live music and casinos to try your luck. Touring of Australia is never complete without visiting Canberra.