Visit to Guinea-Bissau

Republic de Guine-Bissau is situated in western Africa facing the North Atlantic Ocean and including the Bijagos archipelago and Bolama Islands; bordered by Senegal in the North and Guinea towards East-South. The natives include Bantu, Fulani, Mandjako, and Mandingo. The faith practiced is Islam and Christianity. Official language is Portuguese. Chief rivers are Corubal, Rio, Cacheu.

The main occupation of the natives is fishing and farming. Climate is wet, tropical hot, and full of perspiration. It rains between June and November. The Arid season begins in December and ends in May. The nation got its independence in 1974 from Portugal.

The country is mostly marshy lowlands. Bijagos Archipelago is a collection of unoccupied collection of islands. The one closest to the mainland is Bolama and Bubaque. Bolama was once the capital city now devastated. The remains exist. The beaches here are beautiful. Overnight stay in camping is possible. On Orango, the tourists derive pleasure to see wandering herds of hippopotamus and dainty nestling ground of turtle.

The capital now is 17th century Portuguese designed Bissau with 200,000 populations. It is located on Geba river estuary close to the Atlantic Ocean. It is an important port and military headquarters as well. The city has bustling markets to offer along with Museum of African Artefacts displaying antiquity items like local weaving, sculptures, pottery, etc.

Other places to visit include Amilcar Cabral’s Mausoleum, the new stadium, and the beaches in the vicinity. Annual carnival is a very colourful event. Here on the roads one comes across more cycles and less cars as the main transport system.

The tourists have begun to like the place because of its resplendent beaches, superb wildlife and enchanting islands. There are many national parks, such as Cantanez Nature Park, which provides conservation to monkeys’ aviary and other jungle species. River Zoo Farm, a fauna site amidst two lakes of fresh water; here big mammals reside amicably with variety of aviary.

Tourists plan their visit during the Bafata carnival, a vibrant annual event. An ancient town Cacheu has a fort where in the past the slaves were traded to other parts of the world. Travel to a small town of Varelato and see nature at its best; the rows of pine trees, Italian hotel and wonderful beaches are too pleasing to the eyes. Saltinho Waterfall on the south of the nation is a very popular destination.