Visit to Republic of Congo

Republic of Congo is located in central Africa on the Atlantic coast; it is bordered by the Cameroun, the Central African Republic, Zaire, the Angolan territory of Cabinda and the Gabon. It became an independent state in 1960 from France. The nation is a blend of the people of Kongo, Bangi, Teke, Sanga, Bobangi, and pygmies’ origin.

Roman Catholic is the prominent religion practiced here. Official language is French. Pointe-Noire is a major city. The chief river is Ubangi, Sangha, and Lioukala. The topology is very special as it has waterfalls, swamps, and rapids to enjoy.

Brazzaville, the capital city is located on River Congo. Here tourists visit the temple Mosque and shop around at Oluendze and Moungali. There is National Museum for those who relish the past in all its formats, the well-maintained Municipal Gardens, and the Golf Course for sport addicts. Some like to move on towards the valley of Butterflies in the vicinity.

The country is a plateau descending eastwards into Congo Basin and towards the narrow seaboard. In the north grows wet tropical rain forest, there are mangroves along the coast and in the river valleys, while in the south is grassland. The Congo has a varied animal life including the elephants, monkeys, cheetah, crocodile, and hippopotamus. There are three large airports, and two seaports.

At the first opportunity, the tourists visit the Congo River to experience series of rapids in a boat. The tourists are likely to see hippo, water snakes, reptiles, crocodiles, zebras etc here. Then there are the Loufoulakari Falls and Trou de Dieu amidst beautiful scenery.

The south city of Pointe Noire attracts a lot of crowd because of its pristine beaches ringed by coconut trees. It is a good place to laze around. In Linzolo, an 1882 built church still stand majestically. It is an hours’ drive from the capital city.

The market is good for shopping. M’Be the historically important city is in the itinerary of most visitors. The fish danglers are found in abundance in Lac Bleu. Water sports like waterskiing is possible on river Congo. Kouillou River has all the facilities for limited water sports. Pointe-Noire is a coastal town and the cliff in its adjoining village Diosso is formed through erosion over centuries and amazes the onlookers by the form it has taken. Enjoy the natural endowment of the country.