Visit to Rwanda, Land of Thousand Hills

Republic Rwanda is south of equator in central Africa landlocked by Uganda 169 km, easterly Zaire 217 km, Burundi 290 km, and Tanzania 217 km. The natives are Hutu, Tutsi, or Watutsi, Twa pygmies. The official language is French, and Kiniarwanda.

The country has 5 airports and the three ports are at Cyangugu, Gisenyi and Kibuye respectively.

Karisimbi at 4507 m is the highest elevation of the country in the eight volcanic massif of Virunga on the northwestern side of the nation. The mountain range falls in three countries Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo.

A couple of the volcanoes are alive. It is the natural habitat of Endangered Mountain Gorilla and Golden Monkey. Tourist spend good amount of time here to catch a glimpse of these animals.

River Rusizi is the lowest point at 950 m. Lake Kivu at 1472 m is the lake at the zenith in the north-west of the country. The church here has reminders of the civil war.

Kigali, is the capital of the land. There are a few sightseeing places here which are a constant reminder of the brutality of civil war. There is Kigali Genocide Memorial, Ntarama Church and Nyatata.

Visit to Rwanda

The climate is tropical equatorial, more moderate at higher altitudes with occasional snow. The monsoon falls between February-April and then again from November-January.

The country is a high plateau fringed by rugged volcanic massifs in the west. While the vegetation of the valleys in rain forest the plateaux are grasslands abounding in various predators, elephants and antelopes.

The country is small and all places of interest are accommodated in a day’s time. Volcanoes National Park is the most popular destination for gorilla trekking. Then there is the grave of USA born primatogist Dian Fossey whose pioneering work on gorillas contributed lot knowledge to the world. There are many large mammals that roam the place. The birds add music to the place by their twitter.

A Hollywood film titled Gorillas in the Mist was shot here. Those fond of long strolls visit pictorial Akagera National Park in the vicinity of Kivu Lake. The drive along the zigzag mountain road is very pleasant especially along tea and banana plantations.

The most upsetting and agitating sight is at Murambi, where 1800 exhumed bodies are exhibited. Those looking from souvenirs can pick woven baskets, masks, clay structures, but not gorilla bones and remains. Nature and its habitat make a visit to this land a happy occasion.