Wild Wadi Water Park, Dubai

The Wild Wadi Water Park in Dubai is considered among the top attractions of the world. You can spend an entire day with your family and the kids will simply love it.

The Wild Wadi Dubai is located in Jumeirah and is very close to the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. The guests staying at the hotel can easily access the water park.

The Wild Wadi Park is very popular and has quite a few options for entertainment. The Park has a wave pool, a number of water slides and artificial surfing machines. In fact, one of the largest water slides of the region is located here.

There are a couple of gift shops inside the park from where you can buy gift items and souvenirs. The three restaurants present inside the park will provide options while dining and each one of is known for their sumptuous food. There are snack stands throughout the park so that you can much whenever you feel like.

The Wild Wadi Water Park is full of traditional slides. These traditional rides go downhill and they have either a single person seating arrangement or a double searing arrangement. There are many different rides in the park which are very exciting. The most popular among them are the falcon fury, the tunnel of doom, Rushing Rapids and Tumble Falls.

Family Ride, as the name suggests, is one which you can enjoy with the whole family. The Family Ride is divided into 2 parts – in the first part you can have fun in the pool area and in the 2nd part you will enjoy a 560 ft downhill slide! Breakers Bay has the largest wave pool of the Middle East where the swimmers enjoy a number of crossing and parallel waves. Some of the waves reach a massive height of 5 feet.

The Wild Wadi Water Park is all about fun and those who are great fans of free fall need not be disappointed. The Jumeirah Sceirah is the tallest free fall water slide and is bound to make you scream as you make the fall! Those who like surfing should like the surfing simulators as they create a very realistic effect.

The rides at the Wild Wadi Theme Park are open to all with the usual restrictions for people who suffer from ailments. You can book the tickets online but never think of missing this fun filled center in Dubai.