Wonderful Time At Lake Louise

Lake Louise: Lake Louise is one of the stunning places of Banff and Jasper National Park of Canada. Mainly known as the ‘jewel of the rockies’ this very lake and its surrounding places will simply make you spellbound. The blue colour of the lake water is simply extraordinary and sometimes it feels really unbelievable that this very lake is a part of this world. As if nature has bestowed all her colours and beauties for this particular place.

Attraction: There are several stunning places near and away from Banff Town and Jasper but situating at the 260 km north-west of Banff Town this Louise Lake and its surrounding places are simply paradise for the travellers. The dramatic moutainous backdrop of the lake adds to the ambience an extra ordinary charm and grandeur. The Mt Temple and the other mountains with the white glaciers accantuates the beauty of the cobalt blue lake and one is bound to feel that he or she come to a place that is created by some artist.

The pictures beauty of the place is breath taking and at the same time unforgettable. Lake Louise is a glacier fed lake and during the summer season this lake has its full aura and its picture perfect beauty. If you are an adventurous one you can also try kayaking or canoeing in the placid serene turquoise blue water of the lake. Sometimes particularly during the pick seasons the prices for canoeing are quite high. During canoeing one can easily take some great snaps of the glaciers and the lake for different angles and viewpoints. During the pick season the area is really over crowded with tourists from all corners of the world.

How to go: There are regular bus services from Banff town and by bus you can easily reach the small town which situates near Lake Louise. During the pick season the Parks Canada runs frequent buses to reach the Lake Louise and also Lake Moraine. But if you are an adventurous soul you can simply trek down the path from the town to the lake.

Hotels: There are a few nice hotels to stay for one or two days. But in the pick seasons the prices of the hotels are really high. But a trip to this beautiful lake is unforgettable.