Zihuatanejo- Beach, Waves and Fun

Zihuatanejo: This place is considered to be the pacific paradise and there are several beaches to enjoy one to the fullest. After the 1970s actually the town became more modern and the tourism business started.

Now gradually the old houses are being replaced by the luxury hotels to accommodate the influx of the tourists. A trip to this beach town is really worthwhile.

Beaches: There are several beaches here and you easily visit all of them. They will attract you with their different characteristics. Playa la Ropa is a grand beach where you can reach even by walking. The name was given from a Spanish galleon which was wrecked and washed its cargo ashore.

To reach the beach one has to cross a cliff and the whole journey is really enjoyable. The beach is extraordinary with the palm trees on the distant sides. You can pass the whole day under the shades of the palm trees lying on the white sandy beach.

There are several sea side small restaurants and vendors that offer fresh sea food dishes to the tourists. From the cliff one can have a great view of the sea and the beach. If you are an adventurous soul you can try sailboard here. Playa Larga is situated 10 km south from the Zihuatanejo’s airport. One can also reach there by boat ride.

The journey is exciting and at the same time enjoyable. The beach is really beautiful and has large waves that attract the surfers. It is considered to be the best place for snorkelling here. There are also several sea side restaurants to cater the travellers.

Playa Las Gatas is a protected beach. This beach was called as such from the whiskered nurse sharks that earlier inhabited in the sea. This beach is quite safe for the children. One can easily try swimming and snorkelling here. Coming here one can easily pass a great day out.

Playa Municipal is another beach though it is less appealing. From here you can take the concrete path, which is popular among the young couples, and can reach the soothing Playa Madera beach. With exotic sea food dishes this place is really great for the beach lovers.